Neck Pain - "Text Neck"

Posture Neckpain

Your neck or cervical spine is a vital structure in supporting your brain and skull. Pain and tension developing in the neck is a very common occurrence in Carina. With growing life stresses and huge increases in use of mobile devices throughout Brisbane, it is no surprise.

Are you currently reading this blog on your phone during your commute to morningside? Text neck or forward head carriage is a major culprit for the development of most people’s pain, tension and in extreme cases headaches.  If we combine the mobile device technology boom with car travel and sedentary jobs, its is no wonder we as a society struggle with neck pain.

Let’s consider how much we use out devices in a day. For example your day involves breakfast – commute to work – work – lunch – work – commute home – exercise – relax.

Breakfast – read news on your tablet or laptop.

Commute to work – facebook/youtube/Netflix on tablet or smartphone.

Tip – maybe try listening to an informative podcast that does not require you slump on your device with a forward head carriage.

Work – Those of use with sedentary jobs are often slumped at our computers stressed with deadlines.

Tip – Ensure desk ergonomics are perfect (refer to one of our specialised sitting/stand and sleeping classes)

  • Try to get up and walk around the office every hour at least/

Lunch – Quick bite slumped over a table.

Tip – Take your healthy lunch on a walk down the street or through a park.

Exercise – So commonly I see people at the gym hunched over there mobile phone between sets of weights or while on the bike/treadmill.

Tip- Try to have a technology free hour at the gym to get the most out of your workout and reduce strain on your neck.

Relax – slump on the couch after a long day.Neck pain in teenage girl in Cannon Hill

As we can see our posture has not got a lot of hope of being erect as it should. Days like the above mentioned are a pretty common occurrence in todays in Carina and there are several small changes we can make to reduce the likelihood of developing chronic neck conditions.

If you do suffer from neck pain the team at Brisbane Posture and Performance are here to assist in regaining a healthy posture and solving your “text neck” concerns.