Less pain means sleeping better

Less pain means sleeping better 1

Finding a comfortable position to fall sleep in can be difficult. There is such thing as too much pillow support. The position in which you sleep greatly impacts your postural health

Improve your sleeping posture

Improve your sleeping posture 3

improve your sleeping posture
The position in which you sleep in is also important to maintain a healthy posture. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this can be detrimental to your posture.

Back pain, The hidden epidemic,

NEck Pain

Australians are being asked to consider their options for health intervention on back pain after it was found that an estimated 45 120 people in Brisbane are impacted by back pain. The potentially debilitating disorder.

Is it normal to have severe back pain during pregnancy?

severe back pain during pregnancy

Severe back pain during pregnancy is normal for most women, Chiropractic care during pregnancy. It has been found to be a safe and effective, natural way to treat various musculoskeletal symptoms that many pregnant patients experience

Plantar Fasciitis – Feet Pain.

Plantar Fasciitis - Feet Pain. 5

Plantar Fasciitis Heel pain and tight calf muscles are symptoms our team at Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic deal with on a regular basis. Plantar Fasciitis can result in severe pains in the foot arch or heel, often worse as you take your first steps in the morning. The pain develops due to extreme tightness […]


Whiplash treatment Carindale

Whiplash When we hear the word whiplash we think of motor vehicle accidents. The reality is that we can be left with a whiplash injury due to a magnitude of reasons. It very commonly occurs in contact sports such as Aussie rules, rugby league/union or even calmer sports such as soccer or netball. It may […]

Brand New Clinic Location!

Chiropractor Carinadale

Brand New Clinic Location! We have moved. Our brand new state of the art clinic has opened this week in Carindale. We are located at Shop 1, 803 Creek Road, Carindale. We are attached to Fitness First Carindale. Our major focus at the new premises is to educate people on the importance of posture and […]