Is it normal to have back pain during pregnancy ?

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Research suggests that 50% or more of women experience lower back pain during pregnancy and in early pregnancy, Common causes for this back pain are:

Increase in the hormone "Relaxin"

Due to the increase in the hormone (Relaxin) that the body produces to soften the ligaments and loosen the joints allowing the pelvis to expand and prepare for childbirth. Relaxin isn’t just found in the pelvic area though and can lead to instability and pain not just in the pelvis but also other joints of the body such as in the spine. The Relaxin in a pregnant women peaks at 12 weeks, and so it is at this stage of the pregnancy many women begin to experience discomfort.

Change in posture

Postural change. When we gain weight predominantly in the front of our body our centre of gravity changes and the hollow of our back can increase and stress our back muscles. We also may start to move differently due to these postural changes which can cause back pain or strain.

Muscle support

Our core muscles support and protect our back. During pregnancy the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles that make up our core are stretched which can lead to easier injury of the back and pelvis.

Weight gain

Weight gain. The low back supports the weight gain that the mother goes through in pregnancy. The weight of the uterus and the baby itself can also put pressure on the nerves and vessels of the pelvis and low back. 

Can Chiropractic care help with back pain during pregnancy?

The present research supports Chiropractic care during pregnancy. It has been found to be a safe and effective, natural way to treat various musculoskeletal symptoms that many pregnant patients experience. (Spring, 2007).

Research has also shown first time mums average a 24 percent shorter labour, while mothers who have already given birth experience a 39 percent reduction in the average labour length (Fallon, 1991). Chiropractic care can help to decrease the stress from muscles, joints and ligaments and get the body into optimal position for birth.

How we can assist you.

Here at Brisbane Posture and Performance we look after patients from preconception, through to labour and post-natal care. We help you to have a healthier, symptom free pregnancy, shorter labour and quicker recovery. Our treatments are gentle and modified for each stage of the pregnancy. For some modalities it can be tricky to treat pregnant women as they are unable to lay on their backs for extended periods, so as not to compress veins and arteries. They often do not have the equipment to allow for the growing belly to lie on the front. The technique that we use, Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM)is ideal during pregnancy as it is nearly all done standing upright. It is a postural based technique and therefore perfect to help changing bodies adapt during each trimester of pregnancy. We can provide advice for the best way to sleep, stand and sit to minimise discomfort and give any relevant stretches for pregnancy back pain relief 

Some of the main musculoskeletal pregnancy related conditions we treat are:

Low back pain


-Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain

-Pubic symphysis separation

-Tension across the shoulders

-Mid back pain


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