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Dr. Kyle practices a state-of-the-art technique recently introduced to Australia, Advanced Biostructural CorrectionTM (ABCTM).

This posture-focused procedure aims to decrease your mechanical age by untwisting your body, which becomes twisted from existing injuries and postural compensations.

Through the use of ABCTM, Brisbane Posture and Performance aims to achieve a postural change within the first treatment. Dr. Kyle not only focuses on the spinal structure but also the spinal cord and scar tissue in the meninges, the spinal cord’s special protective covering.

The team at Brisbane Posture and Performance aim to create the lasting change you have been looking for. Every new patient will undergo an extensive orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examination.

As a part of monitoring progress, we also take digital posture scans of every client so there is visual evidence to go along with your symptomatic changes. We also stock and have access to a wide range of postural support products. Speak to our team to see which products may benefit your specific case or condition. Check out products available in our Postural Support Shop. Contact us at Brisbane Posture and Performance directly to make any orders.

Dr. Kyle is focused on achieving every client’s desired goals. Every new patient will receive a personalised treatment plan based on their diagnosis and what they are trying to achieve in their lives. No matter your age or athletic ability, Dr. Kyle believes you should be able to achieve what you desire without your body holding you back.

At Brisbane Posture & Performance we educate you with the tools necessary to maintain and optimise your postural and symptomatic improvement.

The majority of people sit, stand, and sleep for at least 8 hours per day, so we believe the correct postural supports while in these positions are vital for optimum posture and health. Contact us at Brisbane Posture & Performance to book your free ‘Sit, Stand, Sleep Better’ workshop.

Dr Kyle Holmes
Dr Kyle Holmes