Frozen Shoulder

A man in Gumdale frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Frozen shoulder is a common culprit for shoulder pain especially for those in the 40-60 year age bracket. The symptoms are present in women 70% of the time. The mechanism of the shoulder ‘freezing’ involves a thickening of the shoulder capsule and development of scar tissue, limiting movement and causing pain. This is […]

Pregnancy Pains

pregnant lady with low back pain in Murrarie

Pregnancy Pains Pregnancy Pains Are you a pregnant mother wondering why your back has started aching? Pregnancy places huge physical demands on mothers bodies. Most women report having new body aches and pain develop throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic care at Brisbane Posture and Performance is a safe, drug free alternative to manage these symptoms. During pregnancy […]

Lower Back Pain

Male desk worker in Coorparoo with pain pain

Lower Back Pain Approximately 80% of people in the developed world will experience low back pain to some degree throughout their lifetime. Today’s sedentary lifestyle with increasing numbers of occupations involving sitting are major contributors to the problem. The cause of low back pain may be due to muscle spasm, a pinched nerve (tension on […]

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Vertigo and dizziness in Hawthorne

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo BPPV is a variety of vertigo arising from a condition in the inner ear, specifically the semi-circular canals. It causes a feeling that the world is spinning or dizziness as a result of movement, usually in the head and neck. These symptoms are often accompanied by nystagmus and nausea. On occasions […]


Pins and needles in leg in Tingalpa

Sciatica Sciatica is a broad term referring to pain radiating from the lumbar spine (low back) into the lower limb. Pain can be noticed anywhere from the glutes down to the toes. The pain distribution relates to which vertebra and nerve that is affected. At Brisbane Posture and Performance, this helps us identify the root […]

Poor Posture

Bad posture solved in Carina

Poor Posture Besides the obvious wear and tear on your spine, poor posture can lead to many health problems. A forward head and rounded upper back not only overloads your body’s postural muscles, leading to biomechanical injuries, it also alters your chest and abdominal cavity. Research has shown that a slumped posture can increase pressure […]

Tension Type Headaches

Tension headache help in Hawthorne

Tension Type Headaches Tension type headaches present with pain that is described as a tight band wrapped around or a heavy weight placed on your head. They are a very common symptom that present with back and neck pain. One in every six people suffer from headaches.At Brisbane Posture and Performance, we pride ourselves on […]